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Anonymous asked:
Which of these are more likely to be real? Big-Foot, Unicorns or Mermaids?


mrdodo-b asked:
just wanna say i love your street fighter icons. and especially dig the winning quotes that are now attached to them lol. adds the cherry on top. good work! forever reblog street fighter icons.

Thanks i apperciate the kind words!

More work coming soon!

So i have been swapping out my tools and will be getting some new stuff to create my illustration with. Updates soon!

~ Small article about me!

I was interviewed by my home town newspaper about my job! Pretty cool stuff! I do have to thank my family and friends for so much… Enjoy!

bloodybrandie asked:
Did you give a drawing to someone of the ghost busters excluding Ray to a tall slender man with round glasses who happens to be a close friend of mine whom I often call "Urje"? if not, I apologize for my inconvenient question!

No I did not but drawing the ghostbusters may be awesome!