sneeezypanda asked:
I am going to do a caricature of Lee Newton from SourceFed (and Elliot Morgan, but he will be a little easier), any suggestions on how to make a person characterful without making them look too "out there" Actually, any tips on drawing faces would be wonderful :)

My style is simple so I try to only capture the important lines that describe the face I’m trying to draw. Then once the line work is were I want it I let the color highlights and shadows do the work. I try to figure were the light source is and just do what makes sense on the entire character but I’m easy with it. I don’t follow any “rule” to the T. Hope that helps!

sneeezypanda asked:
you seem to follow the style of "red nosing" your characters. Why do you actively choose to change the color of a characters( any character) nose to something drastically different then the rest of their skin tone? I ask because i am trying to develop my style, and I've see quite a few people "red nose" before and I wanted to know why.

Hey there,

First thanks for checking out my blog! As for your question, for me it’s just visually appealing. As I draw I may change shape and size but the red works with most skin tones so as for a visually appealing choice red works on skin. Maybe with a non-human character it will change I won’t know until I draw it :)
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-doodlebucktes (nick c)


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I will be posting some new stuff soon. I need to organize in my head what i am doing exactly but stay tuned!